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People refer to Dog Breed Info to find the right breed for their lifestyle. This site list every breed known to man in great detail.
You will also find this site useful for:
Fila Brasileiro
Understanding your puppy or dog
Is your dog out of control?
Top Dog
Dogs- regulations and laws
Breed Bans
Dog Talk
Before You Chain Your Dog
A Show Dogs Life
Separation Anxiety
Why Do Dogs Shake?
Find a Breeder
To Breed or Not To Breed?
Pregnancy Guide
Spaying and Neutering
Popular Mixed Breeds
Odor Remedies
Does your dog have GAS?
Ticks Lyme and Guineas
Itchy Dog
Holiday First Aid
Common Doggie Hazards
Feeding Schedules for the Large Breed puppy
Health Tips
Cleft Palate Puppies
Brush my DOG'S teeth?
Holistic Pet Care
Dog Travel
Care Training & More
Crate Training
Why are Toy breeds harder to train?
Nothing in Life is Free Gaining control humanely
Loose leash walking
Stopping Jumps
Outdoor Training
Puppy Biting
Submissive Peeing
Is this Breed Dumb?
Car Chasing
Beyond Fetch: Other Canine Activities
Finding an Obedience Program
Enriching Our Dog’s Lives
Fun Things To Do
Pet Therapy - a Special Bond
Beat the Heat
Adopting a Dog with Epilepsy
How Old is Your Dog?
Help! My Dogs Been Skunked!
Wasp and Bee stings can be deadly
Grape and raisin poisonings in Dogs
Dogs and Kids
Dog Trainers
Useful Pet Tips
Stud Services
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This website is the best I've ever seen on providing detailed dog breed information on unlimited categories of breeds.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site for variety. Not limited to just that of the AKC Registry.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005 6:21:00 AM  
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