30 FAQs

1. How big do these dogs get?
2. How much do they eat?
3. What is their temperament like?
4. What are they like at home?
5. Are they good with children?
6. Are they good with other animals?
7. What are they used for?
8. What is their life span?
9. What are the health problems associated with the breed?
10. How do you adopt an adult?
11. Why do some Filas look different than others?
12. What colors do they come in?
13. Are they easy to train?
14. Are Filas good indoor dogs?
15. How much room does a Fila need?
16. What is the best way to raise a Fila puppy?
17. How much is too much socializing?
18. As a Fila owner, how do I go on vacation?
19. How do I handle veterinary visits?
20. What are the differences between males and females?
21. What will my Fila do if I am threatened?
22. What are some questions that I should ask breeders?
23. What are some questions that I should expect the breeder to ask me?
24. How can I tell if I am getting a healthy puppy?
25. Where and with whom is the Fila registered?
26. Where can I show my Fila?
27. How much would one cost?
28. Are there any breed books available?
29. How can I stay actively involved in the learning process of the Fila?
30. Disadvantages to the breed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering these faqs! You have saved me a lot of hours searching the web. Now all I have to do is visit your page (which is so amazing), under my saved favorites :-) Thanks again for sharing!

Friday, February 25, 2005 6:42:00 AM  

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