Most of the actions you see dogs doing in movies are simply an assembly of simple tricks. By teaching your dog to do each trick, you can have him/her capable of being a movie dog (or just a fun pet). Some of these tricks help the dog in other sports such as agility and in obedience. Likewise, agility work can be incorporated into movie work. For example, dogs that can jump obstacles can be taught to jump in and out of moving cars, leap over people or other dogs, or jump in and out of windows. A-frame work can be used to teach the dog to go over fences or other high obstacles and dog walk training can be used to teach dog to walk along narrow walls, etc. They use the circle obstacle with the hole covered with saran wrap to teach the dogs to jump through a window. This list doesn't include tricks such as retrievals which are used often in movies or bite work. Bite work should only be done by a trained handler as you must do it properly to be effective. None of these tricks require special equipment. These tricks are meant to be fun for you and your dog. There are many ways to teach the same trick. Use the one that works for you and your dog.

Editor's Note: Even the tricks that don't list an agility use make good warm-ups to get your dog's attention!

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