Your dog is aging 7 times faster than you... As we age, supplements can help reduce the signs of aging, restore our vitality, improve our quality of life and promote good health. There are special formulations for Men and Women of all ages... So, why not give a chance at these benefits to all the members of our family: human AND canine?

PAAWS® is a revolutionary vitamin system for your dog. Developed by skilled veterinarians and recommended by a top team of animal health specialists for dogs over 2 years old, PAAWS combines natural ingredients with the benefits of essential Vitamins and Minerals.

PAAWS benefits include helping to:
Restore energy Renew playfulness
Improve quality of life Sleep better
Reduce bad breath

PAAWS are delicious turbo-charged nutritional treats that are NOT available in stores. In fact, you would have to separately purchase up to 10 different over-the-counter supplements to match the ingredients found in PAAWS treats — with no guarantee your dog would even enjoy the taste!

PAAWS AM/PM FormulaGiven in the morning, the PAAWS AM formula provides energizers to prepare your dog for the day ahead. The PAAWS PM formula, taken at bedtime, calms your dog naturally and helps to maintain a level of vitamins throughout the night. Both formulas work together to help fight fatigue, defend against immune system deficiencies and restore and maintain your pet's energy levels.

PAAWS Has Been Designed For Your Dog! Nutritional and supplemental requirements can vary based on not only the time of day, but also by the size and age of your pet. To ensure dogs of different sizes and ages receive optimum results, PAAWS has formulated its system into two parts — one for adults and another for senior dogs that can be dispensed in dosages based on the size of your pet. When you order, we'll help you learn which is right for your dog.

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