Temperament Test

It is a must that all Filas after 12 months of age pass a temperament test in order to obtain a registered championship title. All champions must have a certificate of approval from the temperament test. The temperament test is made available at most all specialty shows. The test includes:

1.) Attack with a stick. The Fila is supposed to attack in front of the handler, without being coached, and the handler is to remain in his position. The handler is not to touch the Fila.

2.) Shooting test. Blanks are to be fired approximately 5 meters from the dog. The Fila should express attention, self confidence, and self assurance.

3.) During all performances in the ring, the judge will analyze the behavior and temperament of the Fila, paying attention to his expression. During the test, the following should be observed:
a.) Dislike by the Fila of strangers.

b.) Self assurance, courage, determination, and bravery of each individual Fila.


The Fila Brasileiro was bred to guard the ranches in Brazil. Today they are still used as guardian dogs. The breed has a natural distrust, hatred, and aversion to strangers. This is known as "ojeriza". Ojeriza is a natural breed characteristic that is desirable for a guard dog and much cultivated in its country of origin, where in order to gain a championship all Filas must pass an attack test. The Fila is to be confident, faithful, brave, tolerant of all the family members and to display ojeriza towards strangers. Timidity should not be tolerated in a guard dog, and cowardice is a disqualification in the Fila. The Fila is a naturally protective guardian requiring no training for this aspect of its character. The Fila is a large, strong dog capable of serious damage in the hands of an irresponsible individual. The natural "ojeriza", or hatred of strangers, develops at different ages in different Filas. Some Filas are wary of strangers as pups, and some do not show the inclination to protect until as late as two years of age. Always be aware, because your cute little puppy can and will become a Fila overnight, and usually lets its unsuspecting family know this when they least expect it. Obedience training and absolute control are a must with the Fila. They are naturally quiet and well mannered, but each dog must be evaluated and trained properly to ensure that they are not a danger when out in public or in the company of strangers. It is best to put the Fila up when company is over visiting. The Fila is predictable but visitors are not. Most people visiting think the Fila is just another breed of dog and that they can treat it just like any other breed of dog. This is how most accidents occur. The natural ojeriza is a trait unique to the Fila Brasileiro. The will to defend and protect is an innate behavior, not a trained response. Therefore, early socialization is important, and obedience is a must. The Fila must understand who is alpha.


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