Working Weekend

6TH ANNUAL April Working Weekend!
All responsible dog owners are welcome! Every year is better than the year before! 2005 had additional stations, TT/HIT challenges, improved breed evaluations, and more! Hosted by Eanlo Kennels and SouthLand Farms in Zebulon, Georgia April 8,9, & 10 2005.

Children are welcome but please remember there will be many people and dogs on the grounds and children must be supervised by parents or be crated (they do not provide babysitting). Dogs must be leashed or crated at all times! Uncontrolled dogs or children will be asked to leave for the safety of all concerned.

$85 for one human and 2 dogs for the weekend. If you have additional humans or dogs participating in events add $20 each. This is all inclusive of all events and includes food on Saturday (lunch and dinner) and Sunday Brunch! If your prepaid entry is received before March 15th you will receive a $10 discount. So save some money and send in your registration today. Humans attending without dogs will be charged $25 for the weekend. (If you plan on attending please notify them via email so they may have an approximate head count ensuring enough food for everyone)!
You are responsible for your dog, including any damage the dog does to people or property, including cows, — so make sure your home owners insurance is paid up or don’t let your dog bite anyone or tear anything up. They are happy to say that in 5 years they have had no significant injuries and this year makes number 6. Everyone participating must sign a release form on site. SAFETY IS FOREMOST AT THEIR EVENTS. If you are looking to buy or sell a dog, Working Weekend is a great place to meet representatives from most of the US kennels — and know that your potential buyers have been educated about the breed. All dogs that are brought to the event must be current on vaccinations, free of fleas and parasites, and in good health! They discourage bringing puppies under 12 weeks or unvaccinated pups because of the great exposure to multiple dogs - you risk the health of your pups in such case.
eMail mdowdy@emory.edu or eanlo@bellsouth.net for any questions.


Blogger The Fila Brasileiro said...

We had the pleasure of attending Working Weekend 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed the events and experience. The Eanlo staff and visitors were very friendly and helpful. In fact, they welcomed us graciously and as expected the Fila Brasileiros were naturally impressive. We will definitely try to attend next year and the years to follow!

Monday, April 11, 2005 2:17:00 AM  
Anonymous petersemien said...

Amazing! The Fila Brasileiro is a monsterous size canine, very intimidating. However controlled the events were at working weekend I just could not gather any bearings (I stayed posted near the exit unless accompanied by one of the many helpful people at the weekend). Overall, Working Weekend was very exciting. I am glad I was given the opportunity to see these dogs up close and personal.

Saturday, April 16, 2005 11:02:00 PM  

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