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The Fila Brasileiro is unique. The natural protective instinct that has been lost through the ages in most guard dogs is very much alive in the Fila. Their natural aggressiveness towards strangers is surprising for a dog which is very humble and docile towards its owners. The Fila is intelligent and sensitive. He is the first one to know when you are in a bad mood or ill. He will follow you in his gentle and smooth way, place his big head on your lap, or poke you with his nose. No one can tell by looking at this gentle and large dog that he will react with great aggressiveness if he feels that someone or something is a menace to his owner or his territory. In Brazil the Fila's faithfulness is a legend. Brazilians say, "Faithful as a Fila." In 1946, when the official standard was established, members of this breed became show dogs. The Fila Brasileiro has recently been present in international shows throughout the world; and dogs like João Ridgley's third generation great granddam "Happy do Camping" have represented the breed extremely well with a Winners Group victory in Puerto Rico over the champions of other breeds who have a great winning tradition in the ring.


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This page is written by Clelia Kruel, the President of the Fila Brasileiro Association, CBKC/FCI/SKC licensed judge for all working dogs I,II and V FCI Groups.

Sunday, February 06, 2005 6:40:00 AM  
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