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The Fila has vigor and authority to its elastic pacing gait. A very large, square, heavy and massive head holds deep, sad eyes. His honesty in his antipathy to strangers invading his territory or threatening his master seems more awe-inspiring than the word 'Ojeriza,' used to describe the Fila's aversion to strangers. Despite the no-nonsense attitude of the Fila, its devotion to its family is legendary. It does not permit familiarity of strangers. Clearly extensive socialization and obedience training are essential to give this breed a frame of reference for normal human interaction, so it will not mistake a pat on the back of its master, by a friendly stranger, as an attack. Filas are easily 'read' when they are reacting to a perceived threat. The cold-eyed stare, lowering of head, readiness, long body posture, low growl, all tell the world: "Beware, I am watching your every move!" Filas should never be judged solely on appearance. Not only should a quality Fila be beautiful but it is essential they be of good character and temperament and have structural soundness. Due to the intensity of this breed's temperament, clearly they are not suitable for just everyone. Educated and responsible owners are a must.
Please contact Dawna Berg Bancroft
Owner and Breeder of World Champion Fila Brasileiros
at ESHABETA II Kennel for more information.
Here's how to reach them:
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Dawna Berg has been a breeder of Fila Brasileiros since 1988.

A message from Eshabeta Kennel: The Fila Brasileiro is devoted to their owner. Keep in mind the Fila Brasileiro is a giant breed, joints do not close until 14 months of age; therefore, high concussion activities like jogging are not recommended before that age. Keen intelligence is a characteristic that can get him in trouble if boredom sets in. While many people must leave their Fila Brasileiro alone for eight hours while they go to their jobs, the successful owner limits activities that keep him away from his dog after work. The Fila Brasileiro likes to be included in all activities. So if you like jogging, hiking, running, biking, obedience training, nature and the outdoors, the Fila Brasileiro may be a good choice for your lifestyle. However, if you often work extended hours and are already over committed to family and friends, perhaps this is not a good time to be considering a dog at all!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 3:22:00 AM  
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A worthy note: Eshabeta II Kennel, Inc., and breeding program has been the subject of 11 magazine articles from Japan to France. They are published in 4 languages on the subject of Fila Brasileiros. Filas bred by their kennel have achieved just under 300 titles and they have produced several World Champions, Reserve World Champions, and Jr. World Champions!

Sunday, July 17, 2005 3:16:00 AM  
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