Rarities is the leading ancient and rare breed dog club of the United States. Rarities is going to promote interaction between both the ancient and rare breed fanciers and the recognized AKC breeds. Membership is required to receive any of the Rarities Championship Certificates. There are no political forums and membership is optional but definitely has it's benefits. No extra fees for Championship Certificates, they will be automatically mailed to you as long as your membership dues are paid up to date for the current year. Join in the fun at Rarities events and meet other exhibitors that share your passion for showing. They host shows across the United States - click on Show Calendar link to see when they will be coming to your area. They are here to help you in any way possible. Add this page to your "Favorites List" now for future reference and check back often as they update their site quiet frequently.
Rarities goals:
To host shows for the ancient and rare breed dogs & AKC breeds as well.
To preserve and protect all of the ancient and rare breeds.
They invite all to participate in these important mandates.


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